Accurate analyzes for your business success

Not only since digitization do companies have a large amount of data: over the years, a wealth of information has been collected about each customer, their preferences and behavior. So far, however, these data are still underutilized. But exactly these disciplines will increasingly be decisive in terms of competition: gathering information, cleaning up, sorting, analyzing and using it profitably for the company’s success.
However, beyond a certain amount of data, standard solutions are no longer sufficient, requiring costly and complex infrastructures. The aim of IX Data Science is to take the analysis and the structuring steps from you and to generate exactly the information you need for successful business decisions, tailored to your personal questions. Custom insights allow you to target your customers more effectively, ultimately helping to make your customers happier and increase their own sales.

From analyzes to recommendations for action

Due to the steadily growing data volume and the diversity of the data, we use artificial intelligence for our analyzes. Our self-learning algorithms enable us to broaden, refine and, above all, accelerate the spectrum of our analyzes. This, in turn, allows us to gather even more detailed information from the data we have collected as well as from the data you have provided, and to provide you with sound recommendations for action.

More information

Internal data sources

User behavior on your website (for example, Google Analytics, Matomo)

Data from CRM systems (for example, Salesforce, SAP or Zoho)

HR key figures (for example, seniority or training behavior)

Logistics and production (for example, sales per product, inventory)

Selected use cases of IX Data Science

Sales Process Optimization

Analyze your sales processes and find the most promising approach.

Product Margin Analyses & Optimization

Recognize and optimize the margins of the products and services you sell

Pipeline Analytics and advanced Forecasting

Increase the reliability of your forecasts

Sales Cycle Duration per Product

Recognize and accelerate the expected duration of your sales processes

Risk of Non-Payment / Credit Scoring

Recognize payment default probabilities based on past payment history

Inventory Level Management Optimization

Minimize your storage costs through empirical stock and purchasing optimization

Demand Forecasting

Optimize your production volumes through in-depth analysis of past sales figures

Predictive Maintenance

Optimize the maintenance times of your production facilities through Predictive Analytics

Supply Chain Optimization

Recognize optimization opportunities in the purchasing and procurement processes of your company

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