Innoplexia – digital market observation

Innoplexia stands for digital market observation, intelligent data processing, and holistic market analysis. Innoplexia collects information from many business-relevant web sources and analyzes these data using the latest methods from the field of artificial intelligence.

We make these findings available to our customers in a tailored way so that the right decisions for online marketing and sales can be made.
On request, our algorithms are able to implement your individual marketing activities: Automated, event-driven, and around the clock.


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Our customers

Our delighted customers come from various sectors, specialist departments and hierarchy levels. They all share the need for the right information to enable successful decisions in the digital market environment. The following are just some of the companies who enjoy the competitive advantage that Innoplexia products provide:

“Clear competitive advantage!”

Dennis Krieger, Chief Digital Marketing Officer, SNP SE

Thanks to Innoplexia, we were able to increase our click-through rates in advertising mailings to 10% within a few weeks. The data and recommendations for action enable us to react specifically to the needs of the market. I recommend every marketer to use the Innoplexia Suggested Keywords.

Get the information advantage for successful online marketing!

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