Innoplexia Proxy FAQ

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Is my internet connection’s speed or bandwidth affected?

If you have a modern Internet connection (> 5 Mbit / s), you will not notice any of the scans. Especially because the scans are operated gently and in the early hours of the morning (e.g., between 2 o’clock and 8 o’clock in the morning).

What is the Proxy doing?

The Proxy uses your Internet connection to query search engines for specific keywords and collect the results shown by these websites. The collected data are adapted mainly to the interests of SNP SE and are used for internal market and competition monitoring.

Does my personal data get recorded?

Not at all. The network connections of modern and commerically available routers are configured in such a way that the Proxy would not even have the possibility to monitor the network traffic.

How and to whom are the collected data transferred?

The collected data is stored and processed by Innoplexia GmbH, a subsidiary of SNP SE.

How and for what purpose are the data evaluated?

The data are analyzed by Innoplexia GmbH and are integrated into a market dashboard for customer like SNP, which is used for internal market and competition monitoring.

Do I need to open any ports on my firewall or home router?

You do not have to open any ports for inbound network traffic. In order for the device to work it is however necessary to allow outbound traffic on the following ports:

  • 80/TCP (HTTP)
  • 443/TCP (HTTPS)
  • 8140/TCP (Provisioning Server)
  • 22/TCP (encrypted tunnel)

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